by Eva Faché

Four years ago I traveled to Portugal to search and learn more about the life of a bullfighter out of intense curiosity. This search started earlier as a challenge for myself as a photographer but soon became a reality. So I ended up face to face with Antonio Vacas de Carvalho, captain of the forcado group from Montemor-o-novo, in a café across from the arena in Lisbon.

Like a fly on the wall, I could observe and document the whole event without any prejudice. The solidarity of man and animal, with each other within the families and the community, pride, but also vanity. Everything, the many impressions. But very confused I remained behind.

by Natalia Canseco

Rubén had been sitting at the same table at Jing Teng for five years. He would go there for breakfast every Sunday. He liked to order a cup of American coffee to start. He would go out for a couple of cigarettes and then indulge in the…

by Natalia Herc (translated from Spanish)


yesterday I cried all night long.

The crickets, the plants, the doors, the windows, the chair,

the table,

they also cried with me. I miss you.



yesterday while I was sleeping I left my body and became air. I saw myself…

by Emily Shwake

Growing up near the Everglades, I got used to the idea that sometimes things need to burn in order to grow. After years of manipulation and torture, we rattled that river of grass into an ugly mutation of itself. Now, invasive weeds cannibalize their neighbors and the…

by Billy Ha

I was on one of the oldest train lines in Kyoto, Japan when I was visiting back in 2018. It was the first year owning a proper camera and snapping the streets trying to figure it all out on my own. Those few months I was focusing…

by Ellen Freeman

At the entrance to Costco, I receive a cool blob of Kirkland Signature hand sanitizer in my palm. They’ve rigged up a device that lets an operator sealed inside a clear plastic booth remotely squirt a dollop of gel from an industrial-sized jug down through a tube…

by Noah Brelage

During a wet and cold Carneval in Düsseldorf, Germany at the beginning of 2020, I took a few pictures of people dressed in costumes in a tram. It was a chaotic and vibrant atmosphere in the subway station I positioned myself in. In one of the most…

by Cayetano González

New beginnings are a way of leaving behind certain stages and allowing for something new and promising. I love my work, but I’m aware that I’m continuously searching for that illusion of doing something I’ve never done before. …

By Georgina Portas

I’ve always loved researching the etymology of words. The root of metamorphosis is particularly one of my favorites: meta comes from the Greek word that means “beyond” or “change”, and morph comes from the word meaning “shape” or “form.” In short, to go beyond the shape.


by Joe Bedford


Imagine you’re at a party with everybody you ever loved.


They’re all there, chatting in small pockets around the room, except now the chatter has stopped and they’re counting down to the moment when the fireworks will burst outside the open window — 2021, hugs…


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